Reborn Cream
Reborn Cream – It’s great advantages !!!
Benefits for female :
Female estrogen increases thickness of the fat layer beneath the skin as well as the elastic fibers and collagen fibers thereby improves the elasticity and tone of the skin.
Accentuates the female characteristics and features, encourages cells development of the mammary glands rendering an uplifting effect for a dropping breast as well as its firmness, causing the fat cells around the face, abdomen and hip to contract thereby giving a slimming effect to the body.
Able and will effectively rectify menopausal syndrome, produce calming effects, will improve stamina, appetite, sexual desire, sleep and emotional status.
Activates dermis cells, rejuvenates metabolism of skin that cause the gentle softening of ageing pigmentation and return of skin tone and glow.
May overcome excessive sebum secretions and closing of pReborn Cream – It’s great advanatages !!!ores, improvement on various conditions arisen from hormonal imbalance such as premenstrual syndrome, postnatal depression, uterine tumors, ovarian inflammations, osteoporosis, stiff neck and shoulder muscles, fatigue and lower immune ability.
Benefits for male :
Improvement on various ailments caused by hormonal imbalance due to ageing such as: erectile dysfunction, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, urination difficulties, obesity, muscular spasm, weak immune power etc.
Increase in stamina, appetite, virility, sleeping pattern and emotions.
May reduce stress, improve male sexual functions, rejuvenate and restore confidence.
70ml per bottle .
$150 per bottle .
$263 for 2 bottles .
$302 for 3 bottles.
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