Hai-O Tummy Slimming Package

Hai – O Garlic

Helps to burn fat and cholestrol
Prevent heart diseases from occuring
Prevent thickening of blood and re-regulate bloodflow
Assist in digestions and enhance metabolism
Enhance one’s immune system
Reduce sugar level in one’s body

Price : $16 per Bottle
Specs : 80 capsules
Hai-O Mineral Coffee not only has a unique aroma from Robusta coffee bean to satisfy the senses of coffee lover, but is also enriched with nutrient values of magnesium from natural bamboo salt originated from Korea, which promotes iron absorption and utilization.

Main Benefits

Rich in antioxidants.
Rich in minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium.
Revitalises tired mind and body.
Eases tension.
Price : $12 per box
Specs : 20 Sachets per box

However, for slimming tummy package , our recommendations :

6 boxes of mineral Coffee + 3 bottle of Hai-O Garlic

Package price : $110
Supply : 3 months .