Multi Berry juice

Your daily health drink with goodness of berries

Give your active lifestyle an extra kick today with K-Multi Berry Juice, a daily health drink that is made from wholesome extracts of berries and various health boosting natural ingredients to help you maintain everyday vitality.

K-Multi Berry Juice contains exotic berries such as Maqui, Acai, Goji, Hawthorn as well as widely popular blueberry and cranberry, each with own unique goodness to promote better health.

Berries are widely known as superfood for their health benefits, a glance at the nutritional value of berries will inform us that berries are rich in:

Vitamins and minerals
Dietary fibers
Amino acids

The phytonutrients of berries come from pigments that give them rich and vibrant colours, which also act as protector to guard the berry plants against external harmful factors. In human body, these substances act as potential anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory agents. They help neutralize free radicals and avoid them from damaging cells in our body. This is supported by high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores that berries have in common.

By taking berries regularly, the nutrients in berries may provide benefits such as:
Prevent cells and tissues against free radical damages
Strengthen immunity
Support good health of heart
Promote healthy digestive system
Keep skin youthful
Improve well-being
…and many more!

Price: SGD 60.50
Contain: 750ml / Bottle

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