Vken Healing Series

Vken Ultimate Energy Healing Series :

Socks. – $75 per pair .

You’re recommended to wear Vken sock first. The socks help improves micro blood circulation; reduce headaches; strengthen and heals the whole body;helps reducing gout pain, leg numbness, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Knee Pad – $98 each

Helps improve blood circulation around the knee area. Wear knee pad in order to reduce knee pain and strengthen the knee pad in order to reduce knee pad and strengthen the knee structure.

Wristlet. – $50 each .

Wear wristlet on your right arm in order to gain more energy while working or playing sports; while wearing on your left arm will improve blood circulation to the heart. Vken wristlet may also improves those children with asthma or flu.

Cap. – $101 each

Improves blood circulation to the brain and micro -capillaries around the head. It also helps relieving headache, severe migraine and improves memory.

V-multiple. – $94 per pair

Eliminate butterfly sleeves, burns underlying skin fat under the arm, reduce edema and varicose veins. V-multiple may be used on the arm or the leg.

V-spine – $295 each

Improves Spinal nervous system; Protect the internal organ; Reduce back ache and body slimming.

For body slimming, you are recommended to wear V-spine together with boxer / vest and Reborn cream.

Reborn Cream – 70ml per bottle , $150 per bottle , $266 for 2 bottles or $302 for 3 bottles.

Reborn cream targets healthy hormones , cells and tissues. This also results with recuperation , restoring of our body.

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To place an order , you may whatsapp +6594526855

Muhammad Hairullah Ahmad
Authorised Vken E-Mobile Stokist