V-Cap $101 each
Vken Knee Pad . $98 Each
Vken Socks – $75 Each
Vken Energy Vest – $155
V-Pilot Boxer – $98 Each
Vken Wristlet – $50 Each
V-Private – $98

Benefits of Vken Products :

1. Enhance Blood Circulation in our Body
2. Able to Dilute Concentrated Blood for ease of Circulation , get rid of Toxic from the Body .
3. Remove toxic through urination and perspiration
4. Provide energy to Weak Body Cells
Why are our blood gets so thick?

1. As a result of non – controlled food intake .
2. Due to Eatting fatty foods and foods that are not digested perfectly.
3. Take the drug-based medicines. Undigested residues were being left behind in the blood as toxic.
4. Consumption of food flavor enhancer such as margarine, MSG and saturated fat products.
4. Smoking.
5. Alcoholic drinks.

What will happen when our blood gets so concentrated, toxicated ?

1. It will bring many problems of fatal diseases such as heart problems, artery blockage ..
2. Blood vessel blockage ..
3. The blood can not disburse oxygen effectively to our body and hence we will have ailments easily.
5. If lack of oxygen to the brain, it will cause severe migraine.
5. Stroke is a critical problem that starts from bad blood … This also means that stroke occurs when our Body Tissues not able to receive enough oxygen.

Love your health, let’s try Vken products – Just put on , no need to consume.

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