Public Gold 1/2 Dinar – $165


One of the privileges of gold is that it is considered valuable by all mankind.
It is also the most easily convertible assets to CASH.
There is no other asset that can gold’s rival in liquidity.
It not only can be liquidated in one country but can be liquidated worldwide.

One of the privileges of gold is that it is difficult to obtain or also known as scarce product.
Therefore it cannot be manipulated.
The supply for gold cannot be increased easily.
Hence, it result with gold to be extremely valuable.

Unlike cash or currencies, It can be printed at will by the government.
If the supply of the currency is too high, then the value will decrease. The craze of price hikes will occur.
It is called hyperinflation.
If the value of currency falls badly, banknotes will continue to be rejected by the people.

History has proven that currency system had ever failed.
There is much evidence of the failure of currencies in the history of human civilization.

Now I’ve started to collect this valuable asset, namely gold bars and gold coins (Dinar).
The more gold I can accumulate the better it is.
I have started my wealth protection journey and so when will be yours?

Item : 1/2 Dinar Gold Coin
Weight: 2.125 gram
Price : $165

To Order PM/Whatsapp 94526855

Muhammad Hairullah Ahmad
Public Gold Singapore